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webroot login my account

Webroot.com/safe provides a central portal from which you can view and manage your protected devices. To access this website, open a browser, go to my.webrootanywhere.com and enter your Webroot account credentials. After you log in, the SecureAnywhere website displays your account data and the security status of all your devices.


Go to webroot safe website www.webroot.com/safe or webroot.com/safe from your browser.

  1. Sign in Webroot account with your Credentials.
  2. Enter your Webroot Key code have 20 digits.
  3. Click on Next button to register your Webroot product.
  4. Accept the Agree and Install button to proceed.
  5. Finally your Webroot safe is activated successfully.

How to create webroot account?

Open your browser to the Webroot online management account website - webroot.com/safe. You see the Log in and Create an Account panels.

  1. Click Create Account in the panel of the SecureAnywhere website. The Create Account registration page opens:
  2. Complete the registration information:
  • Webroot Product Keycode, Email Address, Password, Your Personal Security Code etc.
  1. Click Register Now.
  • After you create your account and register, a confirmation message arrives at the email address you specified during registration.
  1. Click the link in the confirmation email message to open the Confirm Registration page.
  2. SecureAnywhere requests two randomly selected characters of the security code you specified when you created the account. Type the requested characters and click Confirm Registration Now.

How to edit webroot account settings?

Open your browser and go to my.webrootanywhere.com. For more information, see Logging into your account

  1. In the upper-right corner of the Management Console, click your email address and then select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • SecureAnywhere displays the Account Settings page.
  1. Click either the Edit Details button or any of the Change buttons to edit information.

Change Webroot account password

Access your account settings as described above.

  1. Click the Change button to the right of the Password field.
  2. In the Current Password field, enter your current password.
  3. In the New Password field, enter your new password.
  4. In the Repeat New Password field, enter the same characters as you did in the New Password field.
  5. When you're done, click the Change Password button.

How to change webroot security code?

Access your account settings as described above.

  1. Click Change to the right of the Security Code field.
  2. In the New Personal Security Code field, enter a word or number.
  3. In the Enter Password field, enter your current password.
  4. When you're done, click the Change Security Code button.

Add Your Name, Phone Number, or Time Zone to webrootmyaccount at webroot.com

Access your account settings as described above.

  1. Click the Edit Details button to edit the Name, the Display Name, the phone, or time zone.
  2. Enter or change the information, then click the Save Details button.
  3. If you are the Admin for your account, you can also change access rights by clicking the Access & Permissions tab. For a description of permissions, see Adding Users.

Webroot troubleshoot and support

Webroot.com/safe provides complete support for installation, activation, account creation and other processes. So whenever you face any issues in webroot antivirus, feel free to contact webroot support team.: